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skincare for all


Dimple + Dot Homemade’s all natural skin care products are made for any person who wants to have healthy glowing skin with a skincare routine that is nontoxic, healing, and rejuvenating. We like it when things go smoothly.

Our small batch brewed products are made from a carefully curated set of ingredients, taking care to choose elements with natural healing properties that have been used by radiant, healthy humans for centuries. Each scoop of butter, handful of scrub and pinch of balm serves your skin in a different way. Our products exfoliate, restore, and dip you in a hearty cleanliness.

We have designed our collection to meet the needs of all people. We know that joy-seekers of all genders and ethnicities want to have skin that looks fresh and feels good. That’s why our products look comfortable in anyone’s bathroom, and serve the most universal skin care needs.




all-natural ingredients


Throwing a party is a great way to get to know new people. Throwing strangers onto your face and rubbing them into your delicate skin is not.

Dimple & Dot uses ingredients that are no strangers to skin care. Our shea, cocoa, and coconut oil soothe and heal, acting as anti-inflammatories, treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, and standard dryness. Our tea tree oil deodorant does not mask your smell but straight up eliminates it. Our sugar scrub exfoliates your skin into smooth landscapes that continue to hold moisture throughout the day. Our secret plantago balm is the perfect ointment for scrapes, burns, cuts, bites and blemishes. Dimple & Dot makes skin confections that lay a beaming groundwork for whatever it is you decide to put on your skin, whether it be makeup, sunshine, or simply a smile.